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March 14, 2016

“Tomorrow is the Florida Presidential Primary and I’ll be voting.

It’s tough to mix business and politics, but for those who know me and appreciate what COAST stands for, one candidate just makes the most sense.

The beauty of our country is that everyone has a choice and no matter if you agree with mine or not, you can head out tomorrow and cast your own vote for whoever makes the most sense to you and to your dreams of a better future.

And at the end of the day, we can all still be friends.”

- Billy Kearins, Founder

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Dec 04, 2015 - Dec 05, 2015


It’s been a little over a year since these boys blew through town — dust flyin’, feet stompin’ and good times all around.

But they’re back for two nights this December 4 and 5. We’ll have one show in Old Town at The Key West Theater and one on our home court at COAST on Saturday. The Saturday show will be a full day festival and we’ll let you know more details as they come to life.

Tickets are available for both nights right here in our webshop.

Here’s a glimpse of last year’s performance…

December 03, 2015

By Britt Myers | Keys Weekly

Long before the hipster invasion took stride in mainstream America, the Hackensaw Boys string band pioneered a bluegrass crusade that has since become the mainstay modern muse. The interchanging ensemble of four have been finger picking Appalachian blends of bluegrass-fused melodies with jam band rhythms for the better part of two decades. Couple that with a bravura display of “rockabilly” styled live performances — and this weekend’s shows are a can’t miss in Key West.

After two years, the nationally acclaimed Hackensaw Boys will return to the Southernmost City for two eclectic gigs in two unique settings. The first show will take place this Friday, Dec. 4 at the Key West Theater, while a second performance goes down at COAST (6404 Front St., Stock Island) this Saturday, Dec. 5. Check out for tickets and info on Saturday’s music festival.

The Keys Weekly caught up the Hackensaw Boys’ Ferd “Four” Moyse, who plays the fiddle beside his percussion, guitar and banjo counterparts.

Keys Weekly: The Hackensaw Boys band have played some of the largest outdoor music festivals in the world. Why is playing at a…

Friday, Oct 02, 2015 @ 7:30 pm (Doors)

​Nothing like throwing together a little last minute concert. Our largest concert to date no less. In what could possibly be the slowest week of the year in Key West from a tourism stand point. And then selling out in 36 hours!

But that’s because of the locals — pretty much the only people who know we exist out here on Stock Island. So thanks to everyone for the ridiculous support — it’s because of you that we could even consider trying to make this work.

As far as the sell-out goes, we’ll be announcing a couple of ways for people to still get their hands on tickets, so stay tuned on social media for more on that.

For those of you that acted fast, here’s some day-of info worth noting…

First off, we are trying hard to pull together a shuttle system so that we can alleviate parking issues and so that people can enjoy a few extras drinks during the show. We’ll follow up on this as soon as we have worked something out. Even if you do not intend on taking the shuttle, please consider carpooling, taking a cab, biking or walking. Parking…

August 26, 2015

It’s been a little over a year since these boys blew through town—dust flyin’, feet stompin’ and good times all around.

But they’re back for two nights this December 4 and 5. We’ll have one show in Old Town at The Key West Theater and one on our home court at COAST on Saturday. The Saturday show will be a full day festival and we’ll let you know more details as they come to life.

Tickets will go on sale in the coming weeks, so stay tuned…

Wednesday, Aug 05, 2015 @ 5:00pm

Together with Tucker’s Provisions we want to welcome you to join us for our first annual back to school party for all local Key West school children! It’ll be an evening to celebrate new beginnings with good friends in an “Old Key West” setting.

So please stop by this Saturday, August 8 starting at 5pm at COAST on Stock Island as we “kick it back to the old school”!

We’ll have live music, food, drink, games, and plenty of good times as we wind down the summer and turn a new chapter in our children’s lives. Entrance is free and everyone that attends has the chance to win fantastic prizes from both COAST and Tucker’s. There will even be chances to raise money for your own respective schools.

So dust off your dancing shoes, invite all of your friends, and for once, don’t worry about the babysitter because the kids are why we’re partying!

Hope to see you all here and thanks in advance for spreading the word.

The party is at COAST, but be sure to stop by Tucker’s Provisions, located at 611 Duval Street, for your classic Key West party threads…

Wednesday, Jul 29, 2015 @ 9:00pm

A mere three months into their existence, our house band, Patrick & The Swayzees, have decided to take the next big step toward…

Yes, they’re hitting the road for a tour of Florida and have bookings at a bunch of classic Florida venues along the coast.

Since this was a last minute tour and because of the timing they still have a handful of days open for bookings. They’ll be heading as far north as New Smyrna Beach and as far west as Tampa, so if you know of any great spots in between or south of those locations, let us know—or better yet, let your friends that own or work at those places know!

For now, they are excited to announce the following line up starting this Wednesday at COAST, which is fitting since it’s where they first jammed back in April…

  • Wednesday July 29—TOUR KICK-OFF @ COAST / Stock Island (9:00pm)
  • Thursday July 30—Green Parrot Soundcheck (5:30pm) and Late Night (9:00pm)
  • Friday July 31—Lorelei / Islamorada (6:00pm)
  • Saturday August 1—Gramps / Wynwood
  • Sunday August 2—Beachside…
Thursday, May 28, 2015 @ 6-10pm

​Sometimes a little miscommunication turns into something pretty cool. That’s what happened when we were talking with our house band, Patrick & The Swayzees last week. We pitched a last minute “pop-up” concert for Thursday but didn’t mention a date. They took it to mean this Thursday and we sort of thought next. We’re rolling with their idea.

So come by Thursday—yes, tomorrow—for a pop-up concert and live recording at our place.

Bring your dancing’ shoes and six pack of brews and let’s kick this summer off with some good ol’ fashioned surf rock and beach music…

Where: COAST / 6404 Front Street, Stock Island

When: Doors at 6pm / $5 cover with all proceeds to the band (kiddos for free)

May 12, 2015

Get ready for a summer full of skinned-knees, dirty clothes, untied laces and sun-kissed faces!

Just posting an update to pre-registered as well as yet-to-be registered folks and to run through the camp details, introduce the staff and let you in on an exciting new addition to the camp curriculum, so read along to get caught up on all of the latest COAST Camp news…

But before any of that, we want to first thank everyone for the tremendous early support and registrations so far this spring. It’s been pretty amazing to see!

And for those of you that haven’t yet taken the time to read about our camp, please peak through this letter and see what you think. Spots are filling up fast and some sessions only have one or two openings left, so if you’re interested, head on over to to register and secure your spaces!

Saturday, Apr 18, 2015 @ 6-10pm

This Saturday, April 18, starting at 6:00 pm, we’ll be co-hosting our monthly open mic, The Saturday Sessions, with the help of The Love Lane Gang frontman, Jerrod Isaman.

The new series, which launched in February, has been a tremendous early success offering local performers—well-known and not—the opportunity to take the stage to try out new works and songs in an intimate, comfortable setting.

Because of its gaining popularity and limited time, it is recommended that performers arrive early to sign up in order to ensure placement on the bill.

Mar 28, 2015 - Mar 29, 2015 @ Noon-4pm

​This Saturday, March 28, starting at noon we’ll be helping to host a fantastic double-feature!

First off, we are stoked to be part of The Studios of Key West Stock Island Studio Tours. Our friends at TSKW will be shuttling folks from Old Town and dropping them off at a handful of artist studios and collectives in Stock Island throughout the afternoon. We’ll be stop number two on the tour and are looking forward to introducing a new crowd to our life on “the rock”.

Additionally, we had been planning a follow up to our inaugural open mic, so we’ll be hosting a special mid-day Saturday Sessions from noon until 4pm to coincide with the studio tours. We’re expecting a bunch of super-talented local performers to take the stage for a few hours under the sun, so don’t miss it!

Stop by this Saturday, for great tunes, delicious eats from our Jamaican neighbors, and an abundance of mellow folk and good vibes!

March 18, 2015

News & Notes from the Ol’ Tin Shed by the Sea…

Well, we finally dusted off the ship’s log with all of the scribbles and scrap from people that have passed through the ol’ tin shed, so we’re going to give this virtual newsletter thing a try. And as much as we’d like to say it will be a regular thing from here on out, in all likelihood, it won’t be.

Since this is our first newsletter, we want to take this time to thank all of you for the support over the past (nearly) two years. Without all of you, we would not have been able to even start to realize the potential of that old shack (below) that we happened to drive by all those months ago.

It’s definitely been a trip—but the journey continues and we’re enjoying every minute of the ride!

That said, if you’re interested in more regular glimpses into our daily-doings, you can stay tuned on Facebook and Instagram!

Feb 28, 2015 - Mar 01, 2015 @ 6:00pm

​This Saturday, we’ll be adding a new series to our event line-up that has been a long time coming.

We’re calling it “The Saturday Sessions” and it’s a musical “open mic” format. The night will be co-produced by COAST and Jerrod Isaman of The Love Lane Gang and he’ll also host the event.

The evening gets underway at 6:00pm at our place — 6404 Front Street, Stock Island — and at the moment, we have a nearly full line-up…

Friday, Nov 21, 2014


“Every time I hear Mason Jennings’ album, it changes the way I see the world around me.” - Jack Johnson

And on Friday, November 21st, you’ll have the rare opportunity to hear what he’s talking about when Mason plays Key West in an intimate outdoor setting right here at COAST. Beyond bringing the community together for an evening of good times and great music, the concert will also raise funds for Reef Relief — our favorite local non-profit dedicated to education and activism to protect the fragile marine ecosystems in the waters surrounding our tiny island home.

The event is brought to the community with the help and sponsorship of our newest collaborative partner, The Marker Waterfront Resort — Key West’s newest resort, and the only new hotel addition to Old Town in 20 years!

This is bound to be one of those truly memorable evenings in Key West, so stay tuned and spread the word!


More about Mason…

Honolulu born singer/songwriter Mason Jennings is one of the…

July 25, 2014

​Since opening around a year ago, one of our main goals has been to bring good and groovy tunes to our little patch in paradise. Whether that means local favorites like the dusty, foot stomping vagabond crew of The Love Lane Gang and The Skank or larger national acts like The Hackensaw Boys and Tubby Love, it’s been a trip to bring people out here every month to show them good tunes and good times, while also letting them have a glimpse at what we’ve been creating in the time between the events.

That’s was the idea behind our monthly COAST Vibrations Concert Series and to date, we’re pretty stoked on how it’s coming together and progressing.

Beyond the tunes, we’ve been excited to document each event with a classic concert poster—something of a lost art in today’s digital age of social media and virtual images. A couple of weeks before each concert we’re out on bikes stapling and wheat pasting the latest edition poster, and we’ve been amazed at how many people end up at the events solely because of this analog promotional piece.

But that’s what we’re all about out here—time-honored techniques and classic art…

Jul 11, 2014 - Jul 12, 2014

This Friday, 7/11, we’ll celebrate local legend, singer/songwriter and author Ben Harrison as he performs some of his island classics on stage and under a a full moon.

As well, he’ll have a book signing between sets to promote his latest work, “Sailing Down the Mountain—A Costa Rican Adventure” that chronicles he and his wife Helen’s 1970s roadtripping, boatbuilding and sailing adventures that ultimately landed them in Key West—the place they’ve called home ever since…

Photos courtesy of Sailing Down the Mountain: A Costa Rican Adventure

Jun 06, 2014 - Jun 14, 2014

Full moon. Friday the 13th. Hurricane and Summer Season Opening Festivities…

Not sure if we could possibly pack any more reasons to celebrate into this Friday’s Fest, so let’s just say it’s bound to be a good one.

Come with your friends, your family, and your best foul-weather regalia. Prizes and loads of respect to the saltiest storm surge sailors…

Let’s pray for rain!

May 06, 2014 - May 17, 2014

In the wake of the high season, join COAST and Reef Relief on Friday, May 16th for an evening to celebrate the local waters and folks of our island as things finally return to “normal” for the summer season…

It will be a mellow evening of dancing, drinks, food and plenty of good times at COAST, 6404 Front Street, Stock Island. MC Cous Cous will be serving up his local hits starting around 6pm and the Reef Relief staff will be on hand to speak with anyone interested in joining their mission to protect and nurture the fragile coral reef ecosystems that call the Florida Keys home.

As with all COAST events, “all mellow folk are welcome!” Hope to see you all here…

March 27, 2014

On Tuesday, we held a special spring break boardbuilding workshop for nine great local high school students. The event was made possible by Rob Eggers, a teacher at KWHS, who organized the students, spoke with parents, and even helped a few of the students out to the shop with rides. So before I go any further, a big thanks to Rob for all of the help!

The day started around 1:30pm when students were given an introduction to the COAST space, an overview of the building process and were introduced to the four board shapes that they could choose from — ranging from a small cruising board to a classic longboard. From there, we let the cutting, routering and sanding begin. And to be honest, at that point, I didn’t know what to expect — especially considering most of the kids had never handled the tools we were using…

As it turns out, Nolan O’Connor — our journeyman board builder and shaper at COAST who guided students throughout the whole workshop — and I were seriously impressed, both with the skill, but also the patience and focus that every single student displayed throughout the shaping process. And beyond…

March 17, 2014

Definitely one for the books…

Thanks to everyone for coming out on Saturday for our COAST Vibrations Full Moon Festival. We were stoked to have the dust-flying, foot-stomping anthems of both The Love Lane Gang and The Hackensaw Boys live for such a ridiculously crazy turnout.

We’ll do it again, for sure, but until then, these photos are worth a thousand words.

Thanks to Johnny White from Mile Zero Key West for coming to document the evening!

Mar 14, 2014 - Mar 16, 2014

​We’re pleased to announce a last minute addition to our COAST Vibrations Full Moon Festival line up…

The Hackensaw Boys—one of the nations top bluegrass, Americana acts—will play alongside local favorites, The Love Lane Gang on Saturday, March 15th at the COAST Vibrations Full Moon Festival out here on Stock Island.

There will be food, drinks and plenty of good times starting at 5 pm.

Cover charge is $10

Thursday, Feb 13, 2014 @ 5:00 PM

We’ve got full moons and boat launches on the horizon, so for us, that means only one thing… Cause for celebration! So join us on Thursday as the COAST Vibrations Concert Series continues with “The Lunar Launch”.

We’ll have our recent projects on display, including Billy Litmer’s ready-to-be-splashed houseboat as well as tunes from our resident musicians, Cayman Smith-Martin and Jeff Clark’s band The Skank.

As always, “all mellow folk welcome” and good times are on the house…

January 02, 2014

Time flies when you’re having fun — or so the saying goes.

It was almost exactly a year ago, on a random run out to the Hogfish, that Ryan and I first saw a dilapidated fishing shack set back on a dusty lot in “downtown” Stock Island. A lonely for rent sign hung on the front door — one that, for all we knew, could have been there for a decade or more and whose phone number had once connected to an old rotary phone that had since been disconnected and forgotten. But there it was, still legible and staring me down as if to say, “pull out that fancy phone you got there and call. I dare you”.

Ten digits and some 30 minutes later and COAST was becoming more than the napkin scribbles I’d dreamed about for the past two years. Rick, the owner, arrived and told us that the old shack had some real history to it — a boatbuilding operation that his family had owned and operated throughout the 80s and 90s explained the fibreglass crust and cured epoxy puddles inside and outside the shanty.

More recently, he mentioned, it was…

Dec 06, 2013 - Dec 20, 2013

​Each Friday leading up to Christmas, we’re holding the 1st Annual COAST Christmas Market!
We’ll be featuring festive flicks, Christmas caroling, holiday gift specials, barrel fires, seasonal drinks, great friends and good times, so stop by from 5:00 pm onwards each Friday evening and get into the holiday spirit!
As far as the films go, we’ll be screening the following line up on an outdoor screen under the stars…

December 6th
* 6:00 pm - Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas!
* 7:00 pm - National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

December 13th
* 6:00 pm - Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
* 7:00 pm - A Christmas Story (with Ralphie)

December 20th
* 6:00 pm - Mickey’s Christmas Carol
* 7:00 pm - It’s a Wonderful Life

We look forward to seeing everyone this Friday, so bring the kids, some drinks and good vibes…

See you here!

Wednesday, Nov 27, 2013 @ 6:00pm

We’re stoked to kick off the ART! Key West!™ festival on Wednesday, November 27th at 6:00 pm at the ol’ tin shed.

We’ll feature open studios and workspaces of the artists and makers from The Projects while the interior space will transform into a gallery featuring fine and functional art produced entirely on location.

The Projects artists, Nellie Appleby, Adam Russell, Katie Crossland, and Cayman Smith-Martin will display their recent works, while COAST Founder Billy Kearins will use the evening as a chance to display his current surf and skateboard building experiments and exploits.

Said Billy, “In a general sense, COAST is—and will hopefully always be—a work in progress, but that’s not to say we haven’t produced any finished products out here. So we’re excited to present what’s been going, both finished and in the works, so that people can get a sense of the creative energy and potential that we work amongst each day.”

In addition to visual and functional art, the evening will feature live music by Cayman as part of the ongoing COAST Vibrations concert series.

COAST is the only Stock Island venue to be an official part…

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