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Original COAST Camp

Get ready for a summer full of skinned knees, dirty clothes, untied laces and sun-kissed faces at COAST Camp where we introduce the kids to timeless skills and life lessons that will prove priceless as they grow up by the coast.
Each day, campers will focus on a different, but integral theme that can be used at home, on the beach, or out at sea. The lessons are completely hands-on, are rooted in traditional techniques and are sure to keep them involved and engaged throughout. Topics and lessons include everything from survival and skateboarding, to boating and beating drums, to tree climbing and beach combing.

Along the COAST Camp

The Along the COAST Camp is one single “journey” off the beaten path around town — broken up into five daily segments. Each day starts where the previous day ended — so each day, we continue our trek. The drop off each day is at our daily “starting” point and pick up is at the daily “destination”. Kids pack a lunch and we walk our route. making two or three stops along the way for lessons and play.
In the end we make a full loop around Old Town, with an emphasis on staying along the coast as much as possible. Beyond getting familiar with the Key West coastline and historic Old Town landmarks, the real lesson is that “the journey is the destination”. Put simply, we should enjoy the little things along the way as much as making it to the end.

Skate Camp

While introducing kids to skateboarding for just one day during our Original COAST Camp, we’ve noticed that kids have a fascination with gliding along under their own power. But unlike biking—which has a very utilitarian basis—skateboarding is much more of an art form. Skateboarding is about style and grace—and the things that happen between home and the playground or school. It’s about the journey and not the destination. Eventually skateboarding can be about tricks and ramps and even competition or sponsorship, but before any of that there needs to be confidence.
And that is what we offer at Skate Camp.
We’ll start with the extreme basics—things like terminology and safety—and eventually move into technique and simple “tricks”. Along the way, the kids will begin gradually, and then suddenly, to understand how their bodies and minds work together to produce a flow and a feel for pushing and maneuvering the board.

Spring Break Camp | March 12-16 2018
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