Skate Camp


Just the facts…

Dates: June 26-30 & July 31-August 4 2017
Time: 9am-2pm
Location: COAST, 6404 Front Street, Stock Island
Ages: 6-12 years old
Cost: $325/camper (Secure spots with a $50 non-fundable deposit or pay in full until May 15 and pay just $275)
Includes: Camp t-shirt, daily snack, tools and materials for lessons. Also includes use of skateboards and all protective equipment for kids that do not currently have a board or helmet.


While introducing kids to skateboarding for just one day during our Original COAST Camp, we’ve noticed that kids have a fascination with gliding along under their own power. But biking—which has a very utilitarian basis—skateboarding is much more of an art form. It’s about style and grace—and the things that happen between home and the playground or school. It’s about the journey and not the destination. Eventually skateboarding can be about tricks and ramps and even competition or sponsorship, but before any of that there needs to be confidence.

And that is what we offer at Skate Camp.

We’ll start with the extreme basics—things like terminology and safety—and eventually move into technique and simple “tricks”. Along the way, the kids will begin gradually, and then suddenly, to understand how their bodies and minds work together to produce a flow and a feel for pushing and maneuvering the board.

By week’s end, our goal is to have every single child significantly improve their initial baseline while building confidence—not just in skateboarding—but in personal growth and artistic expression. From there, we expect each and every new “skater” will have the skills needed to roll, cruise, and coast around the neighborhood with ease.

Here’s a run through of the daily lessons and themes…

Monday: Board Basics & Terminology — We’ll start with basic board terminology and safety considerations. From there, each camper will learn to repair, maintain and assemble a board from start to finish. We’ll watch a classic skate film to give kids inspiration for what is possible on a board and the kids will learn the basics of pushing off, riding on flat ground and making simple turns.

Tuesday: Beaches & Boards — The two sort of go hand in hand, especially in Key West! We’ll spend the day at Fort Zach and ride around the Truman Waterfront teaching the kids basic techniques in maximizing riding style and board control.

Wednesday: Skate Culture — We’ll introduce the kids to classic skate culture including the music and art that goes hand and hand with skateboarding’s roots. After a video supplement, the kids will be introduced to some very basic beginner tricks while refining the basic foundations of their riding style and technique.

Thursday: Local Skaters & Documenting — We’ll have local skaters swing by for a skate demo on the mini ramp and offer a commentary and viewing of some of their own video highlights around town. We’ll also start a video compilation of our own and kids can refine their basic tricks.

Friday: Skate Jam! — We’ll spend the day listening to music, enjoying good food (and ice cream) while showing off our new moves at the park and on the ramp. We’ll also finish our video compilation and have a barbecue to wrap things up.

*Please note, above all else, this is a camp designed to introduce kids to the world of skateboarding. It is geared towards building confidence and awareness of the sport and culture rather than being about competition and difficult tricks. Any kids interested in skateboarding, whether they’ve stepped on a board or not, are welcome and our goal is to have them all walk away with a sense of accomplishment and appreciation for the lifestyle that surrounds it.

Skate Camp
WEEK 6: July 31-August 4 | Skate Camp
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