Billy Kearins | Founder, Creative Director

Billy got dropped off of a Greyhound Bus at the end of the road in 2002 with nothing more than a rucksack on his back and an old skateboard at his bare feet. Having just finished up his schooling back in his hometown of Boston, he was ready to do… well, nothing that dealt with any of those studies.
He did, however, find a boat to sail, a couple of good buds to hang with, and a new place to call home.
More than 10 years, countless hand-built boards, thousands of sails, a five year stint in Copenhagen, one wife, two kids, more than few decent beards, and plenty of good times later, he still feels lucky to live the endless summer.
The idea for COAST came as a result of Billy wanting to live a life where the line between work and play was blurred to the point where they became one and the same.
Nowadays, he has his hands in most all of the daily doings at COAST but specializes in creative design projects, brand building, and keeping the vision focused.
He’s also the house board shaper – hand building skateboards and surfboards when he manages to set aside a few spare hours.

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