After five years of COAST Camps we’ve tried to learn and adapt to what kids and parents really want. So this year, in an effort to improve our camps and continue to offer a fresh and fun curriculum, we are offering two camp formats — one is an update of our most popular camp and the other is entirely new, but blends elements of our original camp and skate camp programs.

The main thing we are changing is that none of the camps will take place at our workspace on Stock Island. Aside from the fact that it’s out of the way for a lot of you, it’s also really hot and we sometimes feel trapped out there. Truth is kids really enjoy exploring and moving — and getting in the water! So, we’ve considered all of that and decided that all camps will take place in Old Town where there’s more space and opportunity to explore.

We are also going to extend the day a bit to help parents with their own schedules and to let the kids have even more fun!

For more info on the actual program schedules, please click their respective links and if you have any questions, please let us know!

And without further ado, we offer the 2018 COAST Camp summer schedule…


The COAST Crew

The Along the COAST Camp is one single “journey” off the beaten path around town — broken up into five daily segments. Each day starts where the previous day ended — so each day, we continue our trek. The drop off each day is at our daily “starting” point and pick up is at the daily “destination”. Kids pack a lunch and we walk our route. making two or three stops along the way for lessons and play.
In the end we make a full loop around Old Town, with an emphasis on staying along the coast as much as possible. Beyond getting familiar with the Key West coastline and historic Old Town landmarks, the real lesson is that “the journey is the destination”. Put simply, we should enjoy the little things along the way as much as making it to the end.

Visit the Along the COAST page for full schedule and details!

Get ready for a summer full of skinned knees, dirty clothes, untied laces and sun-kissed faces at COAST to COAST Camp where we introduce the kids to timeless skills and life lessons that will prove priceless as they grow up by the coast.
Each day, we’ll meet at Truman Waterfront and the kids will explore everything from the “secret beach” at Fort Zach, to the Eco Discovery Center, to the new splash park and more.
We’ll include two days of skateboard focused lessons (for those interested), kids will print their own t-shirts, we’ll go on scavenger hunts and keep cool with loads of time in and around the water.
This is a brand new camp session but is sure to be an instant classic!

Visit the COAST to COAST page for full schedule and details!

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