Chris Higgins | Web Developer & Photographer

Chris is corn-fed Kansas boy who wound up in Key West on a wing and a prayer more than a decade ago. At the time he was harvesting a nice crop of dreads and was aptly known as DLC (Dread Lock Chris) – a moniker that still lives on when he hosts the DLC Radio Show on one of the local stations.
When he’s not developing sick websites, you can catch him riding his rusty-ass cruiser that has, quite miraculously never been stolen, to the local surf breaks praying for the semi-annual swell to roll into town. The fact that he hasn’t gone mad due to the elusiveness of said swell, says a lot about his demeanor.
To keep balanced, Chris road trips it up the coast more often than anyone down here to catch any swell bigger than knee-high north of Miami.
He’s dreaming of a teardrop trailer with sufficient headroom and if he can buy a spare minute, he might just become one of the projectoros out behind the shop and build the damn thing himself.

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