Just the facts…

Dates: Week 2 (June 18-22), Week 4 (July 9-13)
Time: 9:00am-3:00pm
Location: Truman Waterfront Park (Eco Discovery)
Ages: 6-12 years old
Cost: $295/camper (Includes all materials, camp t-shirt, and fruit snacks daily)


Get ready for a summer full of skinned knees, dirty clothes, untied laces and sun-kissed faces at COAST to COAST Camp where we introduce the kids to timeless skills and life lessons that will prove priceless as they grow up by the coast…

Daily Adventures Include:

Monday: Morning meeting and introduction followed by hands on t-shirt printing lesson, so kid’s will have a camp shirt for the week! Then we’ll trek into Fort Zach and head to the “secret beach” where kids will have the opportunity to explore the water’s edge, beachcomb, and cool off with swimming and snorkeling, while we offer some integrated lessons on the local wildlife. From there, we’ll have lunch in the shade, learn the basics of climbing trees and make our way through the hardwood hammock, ending the day at the new splash park.

Tuesday: We’ll start the day with an introduction to the very basics of skateboarding — we’ll provide boards or feel free to bring your own! From there, we’ll go on a nature walk with the goal of teaching the kids to identify some of our native and exotic trees and plants. Then we’ll snack on local fruit during lunch in the shade. From there, we’ll head inside the Eco Discovery Center for interactive lessons on the local marine life and ecosystems and a short film about growing up on the water in the Keys. We’ll end the day at the splash park for games and cooling off!

Wednesday: We’ll start the day with a tour of the civil war fort followed by a serious game of capture the flag in the fort. From there, we’ll head to the main beach where we’ll set up camp and teach the kids some basic survival skills, like building shelter, tying knots and some boating safety drills (done on land). From there, we’ll have a sandcastle building competition, lunch under the pines and plenty of time in the water as the day heats up! We’ll end the day with a trek out of the park and finish the day with a lesson in kite flying!

Thursday: Those interested in more skateboarding will have the chance to start the day coasting around the Truman Waterfront. We’ll have games for the rest and then it’s onto a mid-morning tour of the USCG Cutter Ingham. We’ll have lunch on the pier and team building games on the lawn. Then we’ll hike through the Truman Annex and head for an afternoon snack at Glazed Donuts! After a slow walk back where kids can test their knowledge of local plants and trees, we’ll end the day cooling off at the splash park.

Friday: We’ll start the day with a hike into Fort Zach where we’ll set up camp in the shade and look forward to a relaxing final day at the beach with plenty of time in the water, games and some fun “tests” where kids will have the chance to recall what they’ve learned throughout the week. We’ll have a cookout where kids can learn the finer points of grilling out and spitting watermelon seeds. We’ll end the day with a scavenger hunt and final trek out of the park ending the week where it all started!

This is a brand new camp session but is sure to be an instant classic!

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