Meet the Makers

The heart and soul of The Projects are the artists and makers that spend their days out on our dusty piece of paradise. Whether creating fine art, experimenting with new techniques, or simply lending a hand to the person across the yard, the folks you see below are a big part of making COAST what it is…

Cayman has travelled the world as both a renegade and a professional artist, but still calls Key West—where he was raised from an early age—his only home. Educated in Historic Preservation at the Savannah College of Art and Design, Cayman does specialize in restoration projects but never lets his education get in the way of his learning. Beyond visual art and hands-on building projects, he’s the front man for Key West’s favorite band, The Skank, and also owns and sails a Herreschoff classic wooden boat called Meadowlark.

Adam hails from the Toledo, Ohio and, like Nellie, moved to Key West after partaking in a residency at The Studios of Key West. He and his wife Kelly own Key West Pottery in Old Town, but Adam spends quiet mornings working on his two dimensional art in the confines of an old-converted bread truck out back. Adam is active in Key West’s progressive art community where he is board member for Sculpture Key West as well as an integral player in the ART! Key West! festival. He’s a young fellow, but his peaceful demeanor and philosophies give him the feel of a truly old soul.

Katie’s a Texas girl who moved from her cattle ranch just north of Dallas all the way to Key West a few years back. Her grandmother taught her all she knows about painting and she’s been putting it to good use. A relative newcomer to the Key West art scene, since becoming a part of The Projects, she has been the most dedicated resident we’ve got. Katie quietly pumps out piece after piece while listening to jazz in the converted pigeon loft we call the ‘Little Deuce Coop’. Unbeknownst to us, she’s also got a bottomless costume chest and never ceases to amaze when a theme party rolls her way.

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