Nolan O’Connor | Journeyman

​Nolan, aka Dean Youngblood, hails from Tampa and is a student at FKCC where he studies Marine Management. He rolled up to one of our first events and immediately made an impression. The following day, he was back—asking if we needed a hand with anything. Fresh-faced and obviously a bit younger than most of us, we took him up on the offer and it’s been all good from that point onwards.
Nolan does everything from event prep and promotion to hands-on building projects. But recently, he’s shown tremendous proficiency and interest in board shaping, so we’re setting him up with a workspace so that he can fine-tune his skills. He’s already shaped an 8’4” egg from start to finish, has foiled a fin or two, and is currently starting up the COAST ding and fiberglass repair operation out back.
When you meet him, you’ll understand why we like having him around.

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