COAST x rayLand (3 Colors)
Back in 2017, Rayland Baxter played his first show at COAST during the inaugural COAST Is Clear Festival.
On the way out of town, he grabbed a few things at the shop, one was this very hat. It went on to become a pretty well-known, but ultimately impossible-to-get piece of headwear. It's featured on the cover of his Wide Awake album and loads of other promo over the past few years.
A few months ago, Rayland and Billy decided to do a re-release of the famous hat for this year's COAST Is Clear — which would be Rayland's now fourth time playing for us. "Supply chain issues" delayed the delivery, and they just landed a week after the festival, but better late than never, right?
So grab a hat that's four years and one week in the making.
This re-release features a hunting orange snapback tag with Rayland's signature. It's a lightweight, silky nylon hat that forms right to your noggin.
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