Ryan Muntin | Partner, Operations

Growing up in Clio, Michigan, Ryan dreamed of big, American-made cars with V8 engines and lots of chrome. But, after finishing up school in 2001 in his home state, he hitched a ride south with a friend and ultimately traded those dreams for a banana-seat bicycle and boat called Bones.
Since that fateful trip, he’s learned a thing or two about catching some decent tail and now spends most of his days helping others do the same on his charter boat, Piscivorous.
When he’s back on land, you can easily spot him driving his ’68 VW double cab to the bowling alley where, on more than a few occasions, he’s rolled a perfect game.
At COAST, Ryan is in charge of operations – making things efficient and easy so that everyone’s days are a little more enjoyable.
And, along those lines, when the waves roll in to town, he’s the first to let us know where and when to expect them…

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